Asaba Airport Company

Asaba Airport Company (AAC) is the concessionaire responsible for managing Asaba International Airport. It is an emerging airport operator in Nigeria for goods and passenger traffic.

AAC was established as a special purpose vehicle for concession to drive the turn-around management, operations, and maintenance of Asaba International Airport. The major objective of the concession is to foster the remodelling and deployment of requisite airport infrastructure with the singular goal of elevating air travel experience in the South-East and South-South corridor as well as serving as a regional hub for air trac movement connecting West and Central Africa.

Asaba Airport Company is member company of R28 Holdings, a growing private investment company created in Nigeria in 2007 and over the years secured and consolidated a diversified shareholding portfolio, with subsidiaries and investments cutting across a wide range of industries and asset classes in Construction, Real Estate Development, Oil & Gas, Energy & Infrastructure Services, Aviation, Manufacturing, Retail, and basic industry start-ups. R28 currently is involved in stimulating and guiding the growth of its constituent companies.

The R28 has a long-term investment perspective and has grown organically through acquisitions and smart investments in identified growth companies. We are continuously identifying and developing profitable investment opportunities.

The consideration for the redevelopment and expansion of Asaba International Airport is hinged on the development of a well-planned cargo terminal and warehousing facilities to take advantage of the commercial and industrial cities of Onitsha and Nnewi on one hand, and the oil & gas producing region of the South-south states on the other. The certainty is that the passenger and cargo trac will continue to soar beyond forecast in line with optimal operations of the airport.