Creating A Better Travel Experience

AAC's core business is the management, operation, maintenance, and development of the Asaba International Airport.

We have developed a business model that focuses not only on the airport business but also on optimising the commercial and growth opportunities presented by the travel and aviation industry. As we move forward, our vision is to make Asaba International Airport a central hub for connectivity and sustainability by delighting people and businesses with world-standard services, while delivering sustainable value to all our stakeholders.


Our aviation activities include the management and development of airside and landside airport infrastructure (terminals, flight infrastructure, aircraft aprons), common infrastructure and security services.

Our commercial aviation policy is anchored on improving connectivity to drive air traffic growth. This allows us to grow the airport capacity via a constant increase in traffic and airport links through specially designed, innovative programmes and initiatives.

We also focus on the high-potential business market to facilitate movement of goods and passengers by providing convenience and ensuring integration with other modes of transport. Our continuous improvement philosophy and persistent analysis of global best practices serves as a drive towards implementing high impact initiatives.



This is focused on the commercial services that bring uniqueness and competitiveness to areas of airports such as shopping and parking. Innovative development strategies are implemented, such as the transformation of the airport’s commercial space into a business park to serve travelling passengers, businesses and the immediate city.

The objective is to create an aerotropolis centered around the airport and fostering the economic growth of the immediate region.

Dedicated Services

Asaba International Airport offers premium services capable of guaranteeing arriving and departing passengers’ comfort and exclusivity:

Protocol Lounge - the VIP lounges which AAC provides for its passengers at Asaba International Airport. A complete and prestigious service offering a more relaxing airport use for the decerning passengers.

VIP Service - an exclusive range of top-class services at Asaba International Airport. Personalised assistance dedicated to the most discerning passengers.

Private Jet services - the service that allows you to head to the security and departures areas in double-quick time thanks to a special route.


The perfect location for your campaign

Situated in one of the most commercially vibrant areas in Nigeria, the Asaba International Airport provides you the perfect opportunity to expose your brand to thousands of passengers passing through every day. And they’re growing, with new facilities and sites being added.

Using a range of traditional and digital media, we offer tailored solutions that deliver your message directly to your target audience.

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