Experience Asaba


Welcome to Asaba

You have arrived at the gateway to the vibrant and commercial South-East hub of Nigeria – Asaba, Delta State.

Your experience of its culture, people and food starts here, within our airport lounge and interacting with our staff, before heading into the lively city.

Asaba is home to mostly Igbos, but you will encounter other ethnic groups – Urhobos, Isokos, Ijaws, Hausas, Yorubas, etc - through a burst of their languages as you move around the city. You will also be exposed to their signature attires and native delicacies, something we suggest you try out especially if you are new to the city. Like most capitals in the country, Asaba embraces and benefits from the diversity of its population.

One of the city’s notable attractions is its location, on a terrace of the lower Niger River, overlooking the point where the Anambra River flows into it. Here, spanning over that section of the Niger River is the Asaba Niger Bridge; a Nigerian landmark and a long-serving link to the Eastern region of Nigeria. The immediate neighbouring state, Anambra, houses the famous Onitsha market, about 30 minutes from Asaba. The market is a must-see.

But if you are short on time, then avail yourself of the stalls in Ogbe-Ogonogo Market in the heart of Asaba and experience the varieties of foods according to the many tribes who have made the city their home.

As the administrative capital of Delta State, Asaba also boasts several hotels and entertainment centres dotting its landscape and catering to indigenes and visitors alike. One of which is the imposing Asaba Mall which has cinemas, boutiques, hair grooming shops, food stalls, supermarts, etc. The mall is a huge boost on the leisure activities of the city.

Nelson Mandela Gardens


Nelson Mandela Gardens is a world-class nature resort, established in honour of Nelson Mandela, offering guests a child-friendly location to relax with friends and families. It is located within the Asaba int'l airport in Delta State, Nigeria and designed in the shape of the map of Africa using 95 trees representing the 95 years of Nelson Mandela.